Todd Heldt is an academic librarian and teaches LIS 101 and 105.  He graduated from the UIUC LEEP program in 2002.



Being a generalist, I am a librarian, or vice versa.  That means I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little.  So bear in mind that there is only so far I can take you.  I will introduce you to the experts, and after that you can learn as much as you can from them.  I like poetry, art, politics, psychology, sociology, history, and creative weirdness, in general.  I am most interested in connecting people to the right information at the right time.  I love being the dumbest guy in the room.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Great, thanks. It would be for the blog at lis101: http://lis101.com/the-lis101-com-blog/. I am interested particularly in adding an article about the role of information literacy in democratic societies. So, a lot of what you have already written in your own post, but perhaps a bit shorter and more focused on how those skills could translate into a more informed electorate and a more responsive system of governance. Take a look around the site and tell me what you think it needs!
      Thanks again, and I admired your article!


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